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Mr. Thomas A. Fekete
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Mr. Thomas Fekete came over to Canada as an electrical engineer from Hungary with a suitcase in his hand and a few dollars in his pocket.  Tom worked with a couple of large engineering firms as a lead engineer before leaving and starting up his own company in 1978.  Thomas Fekete became a well-known name in the engineering industry based on his integrity, concern for his clients and his repour with contractors. Tom was a very wise and light-hearted person making his clients and those around him feel special. Adhering to strict deadlines and making sure that contractors provided what the client was paying for were key to his success. When contractors asked if equal alternate products could be substituted, Tom would always reply “Who Is Equal To Your Mother”. When people would ask how to spell his name, he would tell them “It rhymes with spaghetti”.  This was Tom Fekete; a funny, yet very smart and well-respected man. With respect to his staff, he was always very understanding, loyal, generous and treated all like family. Keeping his staff busy at all times was of paramount importance as he took pride in the fact that these people, and their dependents, relied upon his leadership and business acumen to make their lives stable and fruitful. He was the best boss, leader and founder anyone could have asked for in their business lives.

Tom spent well over 50 years in the engineering business and his name, reputation and business ethics continue to be epitomized within the new management at Thomas A. Fekete Limited. After a long and fulfilling life, Tom passed away in November 2017 at the ripe old age of 89.

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